Among unknown tribes
rediscovering the photographs of explorer Carl Lumholtz
av Bill Broyles

Utgitt: 2014
Form: Bok
Emner: Fotografisamlinger Historie Indianere Portretter Urfolk Fotografier Kulturhistorie Mexico Norge USA
Plassering: Faglitteratur
Hylleplass: 779.9908997 Lumholtz, C.
Avdeling: Voksenavdeling
Status: Utlånt


Among Unknown Tribes presents more than two hundred of Lumholtz's best photographs-many never before published-from the archives of the American Museum of Natural History in New York and the Museum of Cultural History in Oslo, Norway. The images are newly scanned, most from the original negatives, and printed uncropped, disclosing a wealth of previously hidden detail. Each photograph is fully identified and often amplified by Lumholtz's own notes and captions. Accompanying the images are essays and photo notes that survey Lumholtz's career and legacy, as well as what his photographs reveal about the "unknown tribes."