Who fears death
av Nnedi Okorafor

Utgitt: 2018
Form: Bok
Emner: Sudan Fantasy Framtidssamfunn
Plassering: Fantasy v eng
Hylleplass: 82 OKO
Avdeling: Voksenavdeling
Status: På hylla


In a post-apocalyptic Africa, the world has changed in many ways; yet in one region genocide between tribes still bloodies the land. A woman who has survived the annihilation of her village and a terrible rape by an enemy general wanders into the desert, hoping to die. Instead, she gives birth to an angry baby girl with hair and skin the colour of sand. Gripped by the certainty that her daughter is different - special - she names her Onyesonwu, which means `Who fears death?' in an ancient language. It doesn't take long for Onye to understand that she is physically and socially marked by the circumstances of her conception.